Who We Are

  • Founded freelance writing company

    A passion for writing and providing solutions that did not exist yet led us to create and start a freelance writing company in 2005. From small to medium sized businesses we knew the industry was booming and began our first startup.

  • Merged into freelance marketplace

    The freelance company we started merged into a freelance marketplace in 2010 expanding our writing staff to more than 5,000 writers and serving over 30,000 happy customers. We knew there was greatness to be achieved and this pushed us in the right direction.

  • Write.my was born!

    With over 10+ years in the freelance writing industry we have started our newest content marketplace. Our unique approach to creating content for users has put us at the top of the industry. From small to medium sized business and enterprise clients our engine provides content for more than 1,000 companies and over 50,000 clients.